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Post  missxgabby on Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:10 pm

Answer the following:

I. Case Study: Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France: Lance Armstrong won three back-to-back Tour de France bicycle races just three years after being given a 50–50 chance of survival after cancer diagnosis. Lance’s story is just one of thousands of stories in which individuals are inspired to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Ask students to simply pause and reflect for a moment. If they could strip away all the barriers, what would they like to accomplish? What would it take to “motivate” them to simply go for it?

A Motivation/Imagination Exercise: On a sheet of paper, ask students to identify three goals they dream of accomplishing in their lifetime. Next, ask them to choose one of their goals for analysis. As quickly as possible, have students list all the perceived barriers they can think of that keep them from currently accomplishing the goal. Next, for each barrier, ask them to develop two ways they can remove the barriers. Finally, students should choose one, and only one, barrier that they can remove within the next few months. Achievers recognize that not all barriers can be removed at one time—but they work to remove them—one at a time.

II. Research some mind bogglers, problems that seems impossible to anwser, anagrams, etc that will challenge your classmates. (at least 5)

1. READ!
3. READ!
4. Exams will be on Thursday, 2-4 at rm 501. We will check the exams right after.
5. Pass these papers before exam starts.
6. Arrange yourselves alphabetically.

have fun Smile


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Post  whoisjed? on Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:43 am

this is pure ball sack!!!!! bounce

but it could be interesting!!! Razz


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