August 17, 2010 - Psychology Homework

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August 17, 2010 - Psychology Homework Empty August 17, 2010 - Psychology Homework

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August 17, 2010
Good Morning.
I am not feeling well today so we wont have any classes. In lieu of our classes, we are going to have research/ library time. I want you guys to accomplish the following requirements with their corresponding points to be passed next Tuesday.

1. Look for a any psychological test (intelligence, personality, etc). Pass the hard copy of evrything.

* copy of the full psychological test 10pts.
* interpretation/ how to score the the psych test 20pts

* you can check various domains from the internet or ask from your previous schools if they can give you a copy

2. Answer the following questions as honestly as possible. Type and pass it next meeting.

I. The Problem 20pts.

You are the chief operating officer of a toy company. After spending $3.2 million on product development and design, your newest creation was ready to hit the store shelves just in time for Christmas. The product, “Robo-bunny,” was an automated bunny that could actually hop, wiggle its ears and nose, and devour a carrot treat. After spending a million dollars on a media blitz, Robo-bunny was placed in limited supplies on store shelves to test the market. Because consumers snatched them up, you began production of 150,000 units per day.

Two months later, the first complaints hit your desk. Robo-bunny’s ability to hop was making parents hopping mad! There were broken lamps, broken vases, and one woman claimed she suffered severe emotional damage when Robo-bunny hopped out of a closet as she was getting her coat. She apparently fell backward down a flight of stairs and broke her leg. In addition, Robo-bunny had an appetite for more than just carrots. One irate father claimed that Robo-bunny ingested the blueprints for a housing project causing him to lose his job at the architectural firm where he worked. You now have a furious public who claiming that you fail to make safe toys. You have more than 2 million robotic bunnies in your warehouse. You have lawyers knocking at your door.

1. How will you clean up your image with the public?
2. How will you manage the lawsuits without claiming bankruptcy?
3. What are you going to do with all those Robo-bunnys?

II. The Characteristics of Emotion 20pts.

Instructions: The following activity is designed to help you identify your feelings and recognize the various characteristics of emotion. Answer each of the following questions as thoughtfully as you can.

1. Think of a recent emotional situation in your life that upset you or caused you to experience negative feelings. Write out the details.
2. Make a list of the thoughts you experienced that accompanied this emotional event. Be specific.
3. Rate the intensity of the emotion you felt on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being low and 10 being high.
4. How long did this emotion last? Did the intensity of the emotion lessen or grow with increasing time?
Did your thoughts change the intensity of the emotion? Explain.
5.. Did this emotion lead to other emotions? What were these new emotions?
6. Describe all the physical changes that occur in your body when you feel this emotion (heart rate changes, breathing changes, muscle tension, stomach problems, headaches, etc.).
7. How do you react behaviorally when you feel this emotion? Do you clench your teeth, clench your fists, shake, sweat, blush, scream, hide…?

I expect everything to be turned in before class starts. It should be typed in a clean short bond paper, Century Gothic, 12 ft. Please infrom ur other classmates.

Thank you.
Vanessa Santos


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